Human Services


The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) has identified the importance of providing assistance to Tribal Members as an integral part of the physical, spiritual, and cultural wellbeing of the Gay Head Wampanoag Community. The Human Services Department works to foster a strong sense of Tribal Community and serves to promote and protect the stability and security of the children and families by providing services and programs which foster independence and empower Tribal Members to identify and improve upon their own strengths and capabilities.

A short film about our social service program


Catherine Edwards, Direct Services Administrator
508-645-9265 x133

Ambika Datta, Administrative Assistant
508-645-9265 x132

Paul Jeffers, Social Services Coordinator
508-645-9265 x137


Shelley Carter, Chairwoman
Sharon Araujo
Grace Reeves
Carla Cuch
Eleanor Hebert, Tribal Council Liaison