Tribal Council

The Tribal Council is dedicated to the conservation and careful development of our tribal land and other resources, to promote the economic well-being of all tribal members, to provide educational opportunities for ourselves and our posterity, to promote the social and cultural well-being of our people, and to strive for harmony with the surrounding communities.


The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) is a popularly elected representative tribal government, whose meetings are open to all tribal members to encourage community involvement in all phases of community and economic development. The Tribal Council manages, controls and administers the affairs of the Tribe and determines its policies and procedures, vested through authority of the tribal Constitution. The Tribal Council meetings are held twice a month on the first Saturday and third Wednesday of the month. The 1,364 enrolled tribal members constituting the General Membership reserve the right to override any action of the Tribal Council by referendum or by a tribal vote. The General Membership holds four quarterly meetings on the third Sunday of February, May, August and November.


Tribal Council Members

Chairwoman  Cheryl Andrews-Maltais

Cheryl Andrews-Maltais

Vice-Chairman  Richard Randolph

Richard Randolph

Treasurer  Stephanie White

Stephanie White

Secretary  Eleanor Hebert

Eleanor Hebert

Councilwoman  Naomi Carney

Naomi Carney

Councilman  Alvin Clark, Jr.

Alvin Clark, Jr.

Councilman  Steven Craddock

Steven Craddock

Councilwoman  Kristina Hook

Kristina Hook

Councilman  Keith Marden

Keith Marden

Councilman  Jonathan Perry

Jonathan Perry

Councilman  Leigh Vanderhoop

Leigh Vanderhoop

Honorary Seat - Tribal Chief  F. Ryan Malonson

Honorary Seat - Tribal Chief
F. Ryan Malonson

Honorary Seat - Tribal Medicine Man   Jason Baird

Honorary Seat - Tribal Medicine Man

Jason Baird


Previous Tribal Council Leaders (page coming soon)

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