Wampanoag Ways



Aquinnah (formerly known as Gay Head): The shore or end of the island

Capawack: The separate people

Kehtashimet (Lake Tashmoo in Vineyard Haven): Place of a great spring

Kuppiauk (Area of Tisbury Great Pond): Heavily-wooded expanse of land

Kuppiegon (Cape Higgon): A good enclosure for shelter/thicket

Manitouwatootan (Christiantown): God's town

Mashatanauke (in the vicinity of Old South Road): Big town (main settlement)

Massapootoeauke (near Quansoo): Land of great blowing (whales)

Msquepunauket (Squibnocket): At the place of the red cliff or bank

Nashaquitsa (between Menemsha and Squibnocket Ponds): At the little divided island

Nashawahkamuk (Chilmark): Between the land (common land for hunting)

Noepe (the island of Martha's Vineyard): Dry land

Nunnepog: A pond (body of unsalted water); literally means "when there is water there"

Paquahauke (near Sengekontacket Pond): Quohaug land

Sakunket (end of Long Cove, Tisbury Great Pond): Skunk place

Sanchiacantacket (Sengekontacket): Place where the brook flows into the river

Sequinauk (north of Sengekontacket): Early summer land (perhaps a summer village place)

Squibnocket: at the place of the red cliff or bank

Taakemmy (West Tisbury): Where he or she strikes it (corn processing place)

Tchepiaquidenet (Chappaquiddick): Place of separate island

Wampanoag: People of the First Light

Waskosim (North Road): New stone

Wawitukq (Menemsha Creek before being made into a channel): Winding, twisting river

Winnetukqet (Edgartown Great Pond): Place of good river